Information Governance CIS3005-N

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Information Governance CIS3005-N

Assessment Requirements

Your task is to put together the following items (in total around 4000 words):
1. A risk assessment analysis relating to IT services and data security and your recommendations for risk mitigation to ensure business continuity. [25 marks]
  • Guide: 1200 words
  • To include identified risk name, description, likelihood, and severity, overall risk score, specific mitigation with justification linked to business continuity
  • All risks should be clearly related to this scenario
2. A summary of ethical, social, legal, and regulatory compliance issues relating to this case study, to include clear information on all applicable laws and industry best practices (such as ISO27K). The summary should demonstrate an understanding of the differences between ethical and legal considerations. It should include a clear list of controls you plan to implement with justification for each. [35 marks]
  • Guide: 2000 words
  • include a comprehensive list of all pertinent legislation and ethical and social issues with clear controls identified and justified
  • To include clear links between issues identified, suggested controls, and associated legislation/standards
  • Do include an indication of consequences to the organization in the event of non-compliance
3. An A4 electronic poster showing the steps to be taken for Disaster Recovery. It should indicate responsibilities and have a clear start and end. This process is to be followed by your IT team in the event of an IT-related disaster. [20 marks]
  • Guide: 200 words (mostly design but some explanatory text could be present)
  • Should be relevant to the target audience
  • Should be generic enough to be followed in the event of any IT related disaster
  • Use formal process flow notation
4. A reflection on the portfolio you have produced: its strengths and weaknesses and your own learning based on your degree route. [10 marks]
  • Guide: 600 words
  • The reflection needs to be honest and identify areas for improvement within the portfolio, with justifications
  • You can reflect on every aspect of the portfolio you have produced, including the presentation, your recommendations, content, references, time management, etc.
  • It should link to your prior learning and future career choice
5. The entire portfolio needs to be professionally presented. [10 marks] • References should be included using full Harvard standard
  • It should be free from major spelling/grammatical issues and in a publishable state
  • It should include page numbers, a table of contents, sensible headings, a list of references, and appendices (if appropriate).
  • The structure should be easy to follow and logical
  • Any assumptions should be listed throughout
Hand in Requirements

Please upload your portfolio as one document to Blackboard by the deadline, in .pdf format.

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