Crim 2252 Research paper-FAII 2021

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Crim 2252 Research paper-FAII 2021


This assignment is worth 20% of your grade

Length: 5-6 pages exclusive of a title page and reference page (consult APA for format) You have had an assignment on APA, so please review and refer to APA 7th edition:

You are to conduct research for Crim 2252 Research paper-FAII 2021 and write a formal academic essay (this is not an opinion piece). This paper is to be done independently. The Student Learning Centre is an extremely resource for Peer and Writing Support. You may submit a draft of your paper for feedback. (DO NOT USE ANY OTHER ONLINE SOURCES OR HAVE ANYONE ELSE WRITE THIS PAPER. YOU WILL RECEIVE 0 FOR ANY WORK THAT IS NOT YOUR OWN AND IF YOU HAVE FAILED TO CITE SOURCES CORRECTLY).

Please note that you are required to use academic peer-reviewed journals when conducting research. Wikipedia is NOT an academic source.  You must include the course text (instead of an online encyclopedia). Contact me for clarification.

For this paper, you will need to find several newspaper articles/sources (credible sources and links) about the specific topic as many of them are current issues. You may not find academic sources specifically on your topic but on the general area. The academic sources are meant to be used as supporting material to assist you to establish the broader context. For example, if you were examining a specific case about individuals who were involved in a Ponzi scheme where hundreds of people were defrauded, you need to find news articles about the facts of the case, and perhaps the trial and outcome.

Academic research

You then conduct academic research, finding what is known in the scholarly field and allowing you to provide further context. For example, after collecting details in the news media, you can follow by finding academic peer-reviewed/scholarly articles about related issues as you build your paper. For example, what are Ponzi schemes and how they work; who are the typical perpetrators;

impact on victims as well as on society as these schemes can range in the millions; public perceptions of these crimes; sentencing and deterrence.

You are to explore a specific case (CHOOSE ONLY ONE) and follow with the research explaining the specific phenomenon. The paper mirrors an activity on deviance from earlier in the course:

  • Identify individuals/groups and discuss why they may be considered deviant (from the list below) (you need to provide background information and context. For this portion of the assignment, you are to draw on news sources). You are to identify the issue/problem, concerns, debates in society surrounding the individuals/groups
  • Provide a detailed discussion on why these individuals/groups may be considered deviant: For example, their ideas/values, actions/behaviours
  • Discuss the threats posed to society (perceived or actual). Follow with a discussion of harms thatapply (physical and/or psychological, financial/economic, or moral-See Chapter 2 of the course text)
  • How might these individuals neutralize/justify their behaviours? (See course text for techniques that are often used)
  • Conclude with a discussion of what is involved in defining and conceptualizing deviance, informal and social sanctions, and how norms and values shift and change in society (a dynamic process) over time. Where possible, you are also to make connections to any sociological theories covered in the course
You are to choose only 1 topic from the following list and conduct research:
  • Elite/Corporate deviance: a) JUUL, vaping and recent settlement OR Facebook/Instagram and 
  • Subcultural deviance: Incel movement/individuals inspired by incel ideology OR NXIVM

Sources: In addition to media sources, you are to include 3-5 peer-reviewed academic sources (no older than 2010) and the course text. More details will be provided.

Outline of the paper:

Introduction: provide some brief background information/context, definitions, relevant facts/dates, statistics if relevant, and a summary of the issue/problem

You must include a thesis statement that outlines the objectives of your paper-what you plan to discuss (the case, concerns/debates; threats/harms, neutralization/justification, and concluding reflections on deviance)

In the following body paragraphs, remember to use topic sentences that describe what the paragraph is about 

-research the type of deviance you have chosen for your paper address the issues outlined on the previous page

Cite all sources for ideas that are not your own (including paraphrased content) and use quotation marks and include page numbers

For the conclusion, use the course text to help you address the broader issues of deviance

Use the library as a resource:

Make use of information located on the library’s site: how to research topics, how to write a research paper, contact the librarian with questions, and use the Student Learning Centre for assistance with writing and organization of your paper. (Do not hesitate to consult me)

Criteria for grading papers:
  1. Identification of the problem, type of deviance and detailed discussion
  2. Discussion of threats and harms-connections to course text
  3. Use and integration of relevant academic sources (and media sources)
  4. Comprehension of the issues involved and critical analysis (Note: this is not an opinion piece or an informal commentary but an academic paper)
  5. Use proper citation/referencing (APA): title page, references page (include page numbers for both direct quotes and paraphrased material-Avoid the pitfalls of patch writing and be mindful about what constitutes plagiarism)
  6. Ability to write and express your ideas clearly and comprehend mechanics and style: grammar, syntax, spelling, organization