Written Assessment: Problem analysis, research and design COIT20270 

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Details Creating a mobile app is simply the start of the process to becoming an entrepreneur. To scale an application, you need to approach an investor. For example, $5000 per month would be bottom-line spending on social media and advertising.

It does not matter if you have working code and how good it is. There are a set of points an investor will require you to address before they will talk money.

To better understand this process, this assessment requires you to consider an issue in your local community. It may be anything from recycling to promoting sports or local tourism to managing parking spaces. Having researched and identified a problem complete the tasks below:

• Describe the problem in a clear and concise manner • Research the mobile apps on Google Play store and the Amazon app store (or anywhere else) and find the best three that address this problem (or address some aspect of the problem if that is all you can find). • Critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each app • Propose a new app that would present a better solution in terms of its features, and also its design and layout (you may include some rough sketches here – use photos of sketches in your submission document) • What are the points of difference for your solution? • Who is your target market? • How will you reach your target market? Justify your strategies. • What ethical concerns would need to be addressed?

Submit a single word document. Insert any images of hand drawn sketches into the document (be careful of large image sizes).

Reference all sources you used for the problem identification, analysis and solution. Use Harvard referencing style for your referencing.
Written Assessment Criteria

Component Out of Mark Problem description – clear, precise, comprehensive 2 Research of existing applications 2 Strengths and weaknesses of existing solutions 2 Quality of proposed improved solution 2 Points of difference 2 Identification of target market 2 Justification for the marketing strategy 2 Ethical concerns 2 Referencing 2 Writing quality 2 Total 20

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