Module Code: MK 5120
Module Name: Global Business to Business Marketing

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Assignment Title:
“The importance of the Buying Centre in the Organisational Buying Process for Global B2B Firms”

Objective The objective of this assignment is to assess your understanding of the following
learning outcome(s):
• Fully comprehend the implications of organisational buyer behaviour on a
firm’s business marketing strategy.
Supporting the other Learning Outcomes from the MK5120 Module:
• Develop a strategic business marketing plan which meets organisational objectives.
• Understand the external environmental challenges and opportunities that confront the business marketer and be capable of critically evaluating the business marketing environment of an organisation.
• Provide an understanding of the nature of customer /supplier / distributor management and relationship development including, but not limited to, International Supply Chain and International Outsourcing.
• To appreciate the importance of global B2B Entry strategies and
Communication Tools when targeting foreign markets.

An extended essay (max. 3000 words) where you have the opportunity demonstrate and apply your full comprehension on the implications of Organisational Buyer Behaviour on a firm’s global business marketing strategy. Please research and cite your findings and examples extensively as per the
guidelines outlined above.

“Members of the Buying Centre assume different roles throughout the Organisational Buying Process.

Discuss the nature of these roles that a buying centre member may assume and outline the importance of identifying powerful buying centre members for the selling organisation.

Support your answer by providing an example of each role in the Organisational Buying context.”

(60% of Overall Module Mark)

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