System Analysis and Design

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2 marks

  1. Enlist any 2 common errors that are made while drawing data flow diagrams.
  2. What is the purpose of system testing?
  3. Give one example each for strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.
  4. Differentiate between static and dynamic system models.
  5. Define module coupling.

10 mark

  1. What do you understand by system testing? Explain different types of testing.
  2. Enlist and explain considerations for the input design.
  3. Discuss the design methodologies used in system design.
  4. What is the drawback of DFD? Draw a DFD for the university admission system.
  5. Explain how management information system helps senior managers in decision making with an example.
  6. Illustrate the concept of logical and physical design with a suitable example.

20 marks

  1. (a) Briefly explain how cost-benefit analysis is carried out during a feasibility study.

(b) Briefly explain the prototyping SDLC model with the help of the labeled process model. For which types of development projects is the prototyping model suitable?

  1. (a) Briefly explain the important components of an MIS. How are these components designed?

(b) differentiate among unit, integration, and system testing.

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