BUSS 1009 – Strategic Management

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Module Code: BUSS 1009 Module Name: Strategic Management

Module Learning Outcomes The following LOs are achieved by the student by completing the assignment successfully 2. Understand and integrate a range of contemporary issues within the strategic management field and their influence on the strategic decision making process. 3. Apply critical analytical processes, both qualitative and quantitative, within complex business environments to develop cogent perspectives/ arguments. 4. Combine subject concepts, ideas and paradigms for the creation or crafting of solutions or responses that address strategic level issues within an organization. Assignment Objective 1. Develop a critical approach to theoretical and practical aspects of strategic management, particularly focusing on the process, content and context of strategy. It seeks to widen the student’s perspective and understanding of the theories and practice of management. 2. Encourage students to tackle complex issues, understand the interrelated aspects of organizational change, and develop solutions to multi-faceted problems. Assignment Tasks ` IN SEMESTER (INDIVIDUAL) ASSIGNMENT2 Module Code: BUSS 1009 Module Name: Strategic Management Level: 3 Max. Marks: 100 *Scaled to 50 Strategic Management (BUSS 1009) – Spring – 20 – CW (Assignment2) – Session – QP MEC_AMO_TEM_035_01 Page 2 of 9 Students will be provided with list of Omani companies, from which they should choose one company for investigation and completing the tasks listed below. Students are expected to gather information from other sources such as business and scientific magazines, academic journals, company reports and the internet. Task 1) Organisation like your company needs to track trends and developments which occur on the market, in order to survive in a rapidly changing environment. These trends can be translated into opportunities and threats, which the company has to face in the future, supported by its organisational strengths and blocked by its weaknesses. Conduct the following to your chosen company: a) PESTEL framework, Porter’s Five Forces challenges and opportunities. Suggest corporate and business strategies to address those identified challenges and opportunities. (30 Marks) b) Discuss the use of SWOT analysis in the development of competitive strategies. (20 Marks) c) Discuss the strategic evaluation process of the company. Discuss difficulties in conducting such. (20 Marks) d) Select any five from the following contemporary strategic management issues and discuss its relevance and importance to the corporate strategic management process of the company:  Effective use of energy with moves towards electrification.  Sustainable use of natural resources.  Protection of the biosphere and the development of carbon neutral organizations.  Country self-sufficiency.  Greater energy and resource efficiency.  Reduction and disposal of waste.  Change of attitudes and lifestyle.  Sustainable use of natural resources. (25 Marks) Task 2) a. Complete an online course via any of the links below (You must provide some form of evidence of completion) and write a one page reflection based on: (5 Marks) i. What is the course about? Briefly describe the contents of the course and its learning outcomes. (1 paragraph: Max. 60 words) ii. What specific skills did you develop? Briefly describe the key skills such as analytic, innovation, accounting, time management etc. (1 paragraph: Max. 60 words) iii. What challenges did you face over the duration of the course? Briefly discuss the intellectual, social, family and technical issues or problems that you faced during the course. (1 paragraph: Max. 50 words)

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