Major contemporary Labour Market Trends in different country contexts 

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1.1 Major contemporary labour market trends in different country contexts. 3
1.2 Organisations position themselves strategically in competitive labour markets. 5
1.3 Significance of tight and loose labour market conditions. 7
1.4 Roles of government, employers and trade unions in ensuring future skills needs are
met. 7
2.1 Principles of effective workforce planning and the tools used in the process 9
2.2 a. Career development plan 9
2.2 b. Succession plan 10
2.3 Contribute to plans for downsizing an organisation. 11
2.4 Contribute to the development of job descriptions, person specifications and
competency frameworks. 11
2.5 Main legal requirements in relation to recruitment and selection 12
2.6 Strengths and weaknesses of different methods of recruitment and selection. 14
3.1 Factors affecting people choose to leave or remain employed by organisations and
the costs associated with dysfunctional employee turnover. 15
3.2 Strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to the retention of talent. 16
4.1 Good practice in the management of dismissals, retirements and redundancies that
complies with current legislation 16
Reference list 18
Appendices 21

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