Equality and Diversity training research

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Equality and Diversity training research

Section 1


Detailed intro to the industry the value, competition, main companies, and expected growth of industry going forward.

In this section, the title page transmittal letter, Authorization letter table of contents, and the executive summary will be sectioned

Section 2

Detailed report with

  • Company info and prices
  • Details of services
  • Content of the course
  • Key areas
  • Size
  • Key markets customers come from

Introduction of the training organization

Background check

Methodology about the organization


Conclusion and recommendations

Section 3

  • Appendices
  • Data table
  • Biography
  • Strength
  • Weakness
  • Opportunity
  • Threat

We are looking for extensive research into the field of Equality and Diversity training. The courses that are available worldwide and the content of the course.

We are looking for a market, business, and competitive research into the companies that provide diversity or equality training and also niche courses in race relations, Bias, gender, sexuality, religion, and any other specialist equality-related training course.

You must detail information about the business or institution, the content of the course, key selling points of the course, and prices. We are looking at Universities, governments, and companies that are offering training or any other services based on equality.

The research must be in-depth and give a really good understanding not just of the business and its services but also give insight into how they actually give the service and what it includes. Previous experience in HR, Training, or equality research will be beneficial but a strong grounding in research with a clear picture of how you will get the best results in easy to use format.

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