Creative and

Innovation Management

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To assess students the knowledge gathered during lectures as well as test the capacity of students to translate theories into practice.

Assignment 1 – Individual Report

Innovation, innovation, innovation! There’s hardly a business event or conversation you can have without hearing the term these days. Innovation has been one of the hottest topics of the last couple of decades, and while a lot of people are sick and tired of hearing about it everywhere, the term and the concept behind it are here to stay.
Successful businesses not only respond to their current customer or organizational needs but also anticipate future trends and develop an idea, product, service, process or tools that allow them to meet future demand rapidly and effectively. Being aware of opportunities that exist now, or that are likely to emerge in the future can assist in focusing on an innovation program.
Based on the above, you are required to demonstrate “Creative and Innovation Management” in practice referring to an organization of your choice – You are expected to pay close attention to the learning outcomes:

1 Understand the importance of creative and innovative management in organizations.
2 Be able to support creative and innovative management processes for an organization.
3 Be able to influence others to effect change in an organization.
4 Be able to plan to overcome barriers to the implementation of creative and innovative management ideas in an organization.

Weightage: 50 Marks (50%)
Word Limit: The number of words allowed for the report is 3,000 ± 5%.

Assignment 2 – Group Presentation with One Report per group.


Referring to an organization of your choice, you are required to justify the need for an Innovation Department.
Your presentation should include the application of all the concepts introduced to you during formal weekly lectures.
Weightage: 50 Marks (50%)
Duration of Presentation: 30 mins including 10 mins allowed for question time.

Presentation Guidelines

• Group size must not be less than 5 (on exception case). The report should be submitted one day before the presentation date.
• A formal assignment report should be submitted and only a typed report will be accepted.
• Zero marks will be given to assignment reports submitted 3 days after the presentation.
• A penalty of 10% of marks per day will apply for late submission of formal assignment report.
• The number of words allowed for the formal report is 1,500 ± 5%. Else a penalty of 10% of marks will apply. Appendices are permitted, but these should only be used to provide supporting information to your main arguments.
• Evidence of any further reading and research will be rewarded.
• Proper referencing is essential.

Assignment Evaluation Criteria

Overall Presentation
• Overall clarity – Clarity of Argument: Clarity of expression.
• Effective use of time – Presentation focuses on the relevant points rather than irrelevant points.
• Kept within the allotted time.
• Presentation set-up doesn’t require a significant amount of time.
• Presentation was well-paced with an appropriate amount of material (i.e. not too much and not too little).
• Presentation was enthusiastic and interesting

• Interaction
o Made eye contact with the audience
o Invited questions and answered them appropriately
• Knowledge, understanding and applications of concepts
• Stated main points and discussed them in a logical sequence
• Use of Audio-Visual aids appropriately – (slides legible, not too busy, new slide for each new point, minimal writing on each slide avoided excessive color or special effects)
• Analytic ability
• Accuracy of interpretation
• Creativity or originality of expression

• Synthesis of material.
• Formulation of ideas.
• Use of arguments.
• Use of resources.
• Clear conclusion.
• Structure and organization.
• Grammar and Spelling.
• Report properly identified: name, student ID, No of words, Year, and program/course.
• Footnotes and Bibliography.

Applicable for both oral and written report presentation where relevant.

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