BSBLED501 – Develop a workplace learning environment

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Case Study A – Smoothpop
You are an employee at Smoothpop, a medium-sized beverage company in Adelaide selling drinks
into retail. In its main office, there are 25 employees in total, with eight each in the sales and
marketing team; the rest is made up of staff in other departments (accounts, IT, management, etc.)
It’s important for staff to have knowledge of the following:
➢ The beverage industry and the wider world of food and drink, to inform company
➢ Health, safety and hygiene laws and changes, to maintain legal practice of the
company and the beverage-producing factories
➢ Marketing trends and techniques, in order to stay competitive with other brands
➢ Their own performance and targets, to help them improve their skills
➢ The latest IT updates, as almost everyone works on a computer
➢ Up-to-date training for their role, including any new developments in their field.
Employees are encouraged to think creatively, with ideas for new campaigns, drinks and flavours
being accepted from all departments (although management inevitably have the power to decline
them. Its environment is that of a typical office, with work being completed on both Windows and
Mac computers that receive regular updates to their operating systems and programs.
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Case Study B – Sales Meeting Email
After observing sales figures, the following results were collected about the sales team’s
performance. Each stat is in comparison to last year’s performance:
➢ Units of new products sold: -19%
➢ Units of existing products sold: +10%
➢ Retailers now stocking Smoothpop drinks: -4%
➢ Retailers considering stocking Smoothpop drinks: +8%
➢ Enquiries into existing products: +15%
➢ Enquiries into new or upcoming products: -20%
➢ Difference in sales between highest-selling and lowest selling team members: 56%
Employee comments:
“I’m just not sure how to describe the flavour of our new drinks.”
“It’s embarrassing when a retailer will ask “so it’s like this other drink” and I don’t what that other
drink is, meaning I have to bluff it.”
“The industry is so overwhelming that I’ve just latched onto our old products and stuck with them.”
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Case Study C – Natalie Niven
Natalie Niven is a member of the customer service team at Smoothpop, who’s been with the
company for two years. She has received several criticisms from within the customer service team
about her abrasive behaviour towards them. It’s also known that she has issues with anger at work,
particularly with some of the office equipment when performing slowly or malfunctioning (printers,
monitors, etc.)
She will be called into a meeting to discuss her future learning on the 4th of March, and her halfyearly evaluation will be on 26th of May
Length of employment:
Work issues:
Learning opportunities:
Target date for improvement:
Review date:
Date of signing:
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