Assignment – Future Development of the Distributed System

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Task 1:

Distributed systems are multifaceted multi-component software which illustrate complex behaviors. It is important to include both theoretical and mechanistic aspects that are relevant to real applications.

As part of your report, prepare a reflective report (2000-2500 words) and provide the answers to the following questions. Provide comprehensive and professional recommendations in terms of:

  • Data sharing or device sharing
  • Facilitating human-to-human interaction
  • Performance and flexibility
  • Maintenance and data back-up

Task 2:

Ubiquitous computing is one common contribution to a distributed system. Ubiquitous computing is facing several problems nowadays, one of the major problems is the identification of objects. In a retail organization for example, the use of retail-based applications such as barcode labels is used (visibility of barcode and item will be read). This smart label is called RFID. In the discussion part and based what you have done in Task 1, do the following:

A. Critically discuss two (2) examples of future development of distributed system in terms of ubiquitous computing.                                                                                                                        

B. Discuss how smart labels contributes to the future development of distributed system in the following field:  

  • Express parcel services
  • Airline baggage
  • Retail of goods/items.

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