Usability Evaluation IMAT5209

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Human Factors in Systems Design



The learning outcomes that are assessed by this coursework are:
1. Practical experience of analysing usability needs
2. Experience of considering effective prototyping techniques for a particular
interactive system, and their uses, and how they can be deployed.
3. Practical experience of formulating precise, testable usability requirements
4. Practical experience of carrying out a usability evaluation of an interactive
system using a standard systematic method
5. Experience of report writing


Tasks to be undertaken:
Part A: submit 7 entries based on the seminars to the discussion group on
Part B:
1. Select a suitable interactive system
2. Produce brief description of system and users
3. Produce brief description of subset of functionality considered
4. Formulate a set of 5 precise, testable usability requirements
5. Outline a plan for how a system of this type could be prototyped to obtain early
information about its usability
6. Define and describe a systematic evaluation procedure
7. Apply the procedure and document the results
8. Write a brief evaluation of the usability of the interactive system

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