Second Language Assessment and testing assignment for a Masters level of difficulty


The assignment is a report that requires you to design a Placement test design for adult migrant learners. Here are the instructions on how to write the report


The (i) report (double-spaced) should:
Describe the purpose of the test (Why do the test-takers need to take the test?).
Describe the test-taker cohort for whom the test is designed (Who are the test takers?).
Describe the context (Where is the test taking place? EFL/ESL setting? What kind of institution?)
Discuss the approach to and rationale behind your test design and your choices of materials from different resources (each must be properly referenced) and the development of the marking scales, as approrpiate for the test purpose and the test cohort.
Justify your choices of materials from different resources (each must be properly referenced).
Substantiate the test design by integrating relevant second language assessment and testing theories where appropriate, scholarly sources (e.g. peer-reviewed journals, scholarly books and edited book chapters), using in-text citations and providing a Reference List (including at least 10 references) that comply with APA style.


The (ii) test design (single-spaced) should appear in 4 Appendices:


Appendix A Listening: design and develop one listening task (e.g. a conversation, lecture, broadcast). Design 8 test items using a range of different test techniques (e.g. multiple choice, short answers). Provide a copy of the transcript (single-spaced) in an appendix. No audio recording is required to be submitted.


Appendix B Reading: design and develop one reading task (include copy of the text) which includes 8 items and covers a range of reading skills and techniques, such as:
1. Understanding the main idea
2. Skimming
3. Scanning
4. Understanding words and expressions in context (e.g. pronoun reference, contextual meaning-not literal meaning)
5. Identifying the passage writer’s attitudes, viewpoints or implications (e.g. optimistic, pessimistic, ironic or appraising)


Appendix C Speaking: design and develop one speaking task (e.g. individual presentation, dialogue) and a Speaking Marking Scale.


Appendix D Writing : design and develop one writing task (e.g. graph, description-based, topic-based) and a Writing Marking Scale.


Include appropriate general test-taking instructions and specific directions for each of the four test structures or sections (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
Appendices and the Reference List are not included in the assessment word count.


Reference style:  APA referencing style