Write a report on a vulnerability test that you conducted on an operating system on a virtual machine

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Outline to follow :

· Introduction: The introduction must provide a brief overview of the report, it should include a brief description of the type of tests you will perform and the vulnerabilities you are investigating.

· Research into OS Vulnerabilities

· This section needs to provide some evidence that you have conducted research into vulnerabilities associated with your chosen OS. You need to briefly list the ones you are intending to investigate; your research should also include possible remedies to these vulnerabilities.

· Vulnerability Test Rationale

· List the vulnerability tests you are about to perform and provide a brief justification of the tests.

· Methodology

· Provide detailed evidence of how penetration testing was conducted. You may wish to use screenshots for this part of your report.

· Detailed Findings

· For each vulnerability found, give a description of the following:

· Source of the vulnerability

· Describe the source and the root cause of each vulnerability.

· Impact of the vulnerability

· Give an assessment of the impact of each vulnerability was exploited.

· Likelihood of the vulnerability being exploited

· Give an assessment of the probability if each vulnerability would be exploited.

· Overall Risk Assessment

· Give a summary of your overall assessment of the vulnerabilities you have discovered. (This the section may be put into a table)

· Recommendations

· Give your recommendations for dealing with and removing the vulnerabilities you have found and described in your report.

· Appendix: Any information relevant to penetration testing.

· References: Provide a list of references, this may include books, journals, web sources or others. YOUR REFERENCES MUST BE IN THE HARVARD REFERENCING FORMAT.

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