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1        Project Summary

COSC2410<Briefly describe the project and its objectives – why the sponsor is offering this project and the main objectives that should be met by the project team>.

2        Project Sponsor/Product owners

The project sponsor is <Name and Position> of <Organization.><Briefly describe the business / entity within an organizational context, or global context etc.>

Your sponsor is the company that you are working with, and people are product owners

3        Stakeholders and End Users

The key <organization> stakeholders are <Names and Positions.>< Briefly describe the stakeholders/end users. Explain why these are all stakeholders – i.e., what their ‘stake’ in the project is.> including course coordinator, supervisors, mentor.

4        Appointment of Scrum Master

The project leader is <Name>. The project leader was appointed <give reasons / skill set / method of appointment and any other details to qualify the appointment.>

5        Project Team Members

The project team members and their respective roles are:

<List and describe>

6        Project Methodology and Approach

<Discuss the approach that the project team will take for delivering the project. Include a statement as to the team’s location (ie at RMIT , or sponsor sites). Discuss the processes that will be followed – e.g, the Agile/Scrum and why this is the approach/method and how you manage it.>

7        Project Governance

The Governance model is as follows:

<Describe the means by which the project will be governed and how decisions will be made. This includes types of communications with the sponsor and any other relevant entities. Also discuss internal project management and controls – reporting, meetings, walkthroughs, milestone sign-offs, issue and risk management approach, change control approach (ie how ‘scope creep’ will be managed,) etc. Clearly indicate who is responsible for what(see 5 above) and also include any escalation procedures for risk and issues management.>

8        Project Scope & Deliverables

<List the project’s high level scope and the project’s deliverables – this is more detailed than the summary in section 1. It should also include a statement about timing, product and quality. Please also clearly state that all deliverables will be signed off by the sponsor/stakeholder (as decided and detailed above, in Project Governance)>

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