MAN127 Portfolio – Business Skills for Leadership

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Assessment Task
You are required to produce a portfolio that provides evidence of your development of business
and leadership skills; this portfolio will include your reflections on the development of these
skills and how you have developed and enhanced your leadership potential. The evidence you
include might include exercises that you have completed during the tutorial sessions or that
were set as directed learning. You may also have acquired other evidence over the duration of
this unit where you have applied the skills that you have developed.
Your portfolio must cover:
1. Effective communication and delegation.
2. Decision making and problem solving
AND TWO of the following:

2MAN127_Report_100PC_Main Brief_2017-18 Policy, Governance and Information
July 2019

3. Effective team work.
4. Effective negotiation.
5. Conflict management.
6. Performance management.
7. Concepts of self and self-management.
8. Leadership in organisations.
9. Coaching & mentoring others
10. Use of I.T. and big data
11.Developing your professional identity.
You should make appropriate use of appendices to document supporting evidence, which you
are strongly encourage to collect throughout the unit. For example, you may include a
completed exercise in which you have applied leadership skills in the appendices to which you
can refer to in your critical review in the main body. Appendices are not included in the word
count. Each of the 4 themes from the above list should be approximately of equal length. All
sections should include reference to appropriate theories that are critically discussed in the
context of your development.
You are strongly encouraged to adopt a reflective learning cycle, such as Kolb (1984), Gibbs
(1988) or Rolfe (2001), and to follow the chosen cycle in your reflective accounts. Your
reflections should focus more strongly on what you learnt and how you will apply this or change
how you might approach a situation in the future. You should focus less on describing what you
did and avoid being overly descriptive of the evidence you provide in the portfolio. Your
reflections should be a critical discussion and include appropriate references to theory.
Your submission should be formatted in a professional manner. This is also an academic
undertaking and therefore requires appropriate Harvard Referencing throughout.‬

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