IT- Report “What Went Wrong” describing the Failed IT Project

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Report. Use a search engine to locate definitive sources of failed IT projects. Prepare a report “What Went Wrong” describing the failed project. Use the suggested report outline (see Appendix B). The text should be double-spaced and no longer than 15 pages.

Appendix B “What went wrong?” Report outline

# Topic Pages (Approx) 1 Discuss the difference between Project failures and Project Management failures. Define what is considered “success” and failures and explain why so many projects “fail”. (this can be a tricky answer) 1 2 Use four frames to describe the organization (company) under consideration. 1 3 Describe the “failed” project and a brief history 1 4 Discuss how the project was or was not aligned with the business and its requirements. 1 5 Describe 3 key constraints of the project. Typically they are cost and resource related 1 6 Briefly describe the stakeholders (company, contractors, managers, users, etc.). 1 7 Present a detailed description of the vendor/consultant who implemented the project. 1 8 Describe the Project Management software used for this project. 1 9 Enumerate and describe the reasons for failure. Concentrate on top three reasons for project failure. 2 10 Are these failure reasons unique? How do they compare with common failure reasons? 2 11 Describe the company’s efforts to correct the situation. Discuss risks, mitigation plans 1 12 What is the final disposition of the project? Failed, partially delivered, replaced by another (smaller scale), project managers replaced, written off, etc. 2 13 Suggest a strategy, plan, or specific measures that could have saved (or completed) the project successfully. 2 14 Use tables, charts and pictures to elucidate and enhance your report. ~ 15 List all web sources (URLs) used for your report. USE FOOTNOTES for references within your quotes and provide a separate list of sites used (bibliography) at the END 1
16 SPELL-CHECK your report!

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