Inspirational invertebrate workshop – MB5380

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Your task
You have secured a job working for a Government department and your job is to inform, engage and excite the public about Marine Invertebrates. One of your jobs is to design and run a two day workshop. In the workshop you must cover at least two marine invertebrate phyla, cover at least one phyla per day.
The workshop must have a number of components e.g. lectures, field-trips, laboratory work etc. Assume that all participants in your workshop only have year 12 knowledge of Biology. To best engage the participants in the workshop, you are asked to design and carry out a number of activities for the participants, as this is the best way to engage and excite and inform the participants of the importance of marine invertebrates. The activities of your workshop must be unique (do not just copy what we do in our subjects at James Cook University – be creative and innovative) and activities must not be repeated during the workshop (e.g. if you dissect animals for one of your phyla, then you won’t dissect organisms in the other phyla). However, you can have lectures for all phyla.
This worksheet must be written in such a way that you could give it to another student and they could then run the workshop according to your information. Plan to run two distinctly different activities per day for each phylum (e.g. tutorials in the morning and a field-trip in the afternoon).

Please follow this Formatting for your Inspirational workshop
• Font size: 12
• Font style: Times New Roman or Aerial (only)
• Line spacing: 1.5
• Maximum page limit: Four pages (this includes the in-text references). Please note, the reference list is not included in the four page limit.
• References: 10 or more. I don’t mind which referencing style you use as long as you are consistent
• Headings: Ensure that you use theses headings in your Inspirational workshop;
o Title
o Introduction with Aims (why I am conducting this activity)
o Target Audience
o Learning outcomes for Participants
o Procedures (what you are going to do and how are you going to do it)
o Conclusion
MB5380 Inspirational Workshop