Structure for the Essay


Start with a brief introduction about the topic. Define what economic development is and its importance in the global context.

Historical Overview:

Provide a historical overview of world economic development. Discuss the different stages of economic development that the world has gone through, from agrarian economies to industrial economies to the current information and technology-driven economies.

Factors Influencing Economic Development: Discuss various factors that influence economic development such as natural resources, human capital, infrastructure, technological innovation, political stability, and trade.

Case Studies:

Include case studies of different countries. Discuss how these factors have contributed to the economic development in these countries.

Challenges and Opportunities: Discuss the challenges facing world economic development such as income inequality, climate change, and geopolitical tensions. Also discuss the opportunities such as digital economy, green economy etc.


Conclude the essay by summarizing the main points discussed in the essay and providing your own insights or predictions for future economic development.

Reference style: Harvard style