Assignment -The role of sport development

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Assessment Brief:

Community sport is the mass participation base on which the sporting system in the UK is based. As such the aim of this module is to consider the nature and content of the development of sport in the UK. There will be specific attention paid to the use of sport in addressing social, economic, and political agendas at local and national level. In order to fully understand the importance of community sport, students will study community based interventions which have specific aims and objectives in the local community. The aim of this module is to define and describe relevant concepts related to sport and coaching in the UK, culminating in an assessment strategy which explains and classify ideas about sport and coaching in society.

This assessment will explore how topics fit in to sport within the UK.

The first assessment is a critical discussion based presentation. You are required to explore a topic, chosen by you and a partner within class time. You will need to consider and discuss the impact of the UK sports development structure on the delivery of a sports development initiative.

You will need to consider:

  • Policy and governance (What is the policy and the strategy? What is the structure of sport around the topic?)
  • Theoretical underpinning (What theory from taught content can be applied?)
  • Application and practice (How is theory applied to practice?)

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe the role of sports development in the UK
  2. Outline the key principles and structure of sport in the UK, in particular, Local Authorities, National Governing Bodies, and Non-Departmental Public Bodies

Assessment Topic:

The role of sport development in the UK & the structure of sport in the UK.

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