Assignment of Global Financial Development Database

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This guidance forms an integral part of the assignment brief and should be studied carefully before commencing.

Word count: The word count should not exceed 2,000 words, excluding title page, headings of any tables or diagrams the reference list. Contents exceeding 2,000 words will not be read and will therefore not contribute to your mark.

Scope: A good piece of work is likely to include the following:

  1. Use of relevant data and charts to quantify the analysis;
  2. Use of relevant economic concepts and models to address the questions posed in the assignment details.
    1. Modelling macroeconomic policy impacts
    1. The Financial System: Banks, Money, Housing and Financial Assets
    1. The credit market: borrowers, lenders and the rate of interest

You will find that the concepts studied in lectures, seminars and workshops during the last 4 weeks of the unit are particularly relevant to this assignment.  You should assume that your reader is familiar with basic economic concepts.

Structure: There is no fixed structure to the report content, but it must contain:

  1. title page with your Student number (Do not include your name); the title; the name and number of the unit; the academic year;
  2. brief introduction;
  3. main content of your report. You should make sure this is concise and focused on the topic;
  4. conclusion where you briefly recap your findings;
  5. reference list.

Do not use appendices, lists of tables and figures, a glossary or a list of abbreviations. Footnotes should be used sparingly, and are not an acceptable substitute for citations in text. Part of the challenge is to present only the key information and write in a concise manner.

Charts and diagrams: These are an essential feature of this assessment, and must be produced by the student using Microsoft Excel.  Any diagrams that are copied directly from websites or other published sources will not earn any credit. 

Referencing: All sources should be acknowledged, appropriately cited within your work and included in your reference listed, following the conventions of APA 7th edition. For further guidance see.  Referencing is required to give intellectual credit to your source, help your reader recover your source easily and to avoid being accused of plagiarism.

Sources: Credible academic sources must be used.  The following are examples of sources which are not acceptable, and which will not receive credit:

  • Newspapers and broadcast media (including Youtube);
  • Online encyclopedias (such as Wikipedia, Investopedia, Encyclopedia Britannica);
  • General economics revision and reference sites (such as, Khan Academy, tutor2u).

Formatting: The report must be word processed with a font size of 12 and ‘easy to read’ e.g. calibri, arial, times new roman. Line spacing should be 1.5 with 2.5cm margins all round. The document header must include the student number (Do not include your name).

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