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Overview Building on your findings from Assessment #1, you are to develop a search strategy for the client.
You should consider the client and the information that you learned through doing Assessment #1 and ask yourself the following questions:
▪ What would the target audience be searching for on Google, and how can your client best match those needs? ▪ What specific terms (keywords) would your target audience be using? Would they be using broad terms, or very specific ones? ▪ Which links to your client’s site do you intend to highlight in your campaign – what keywords are appropriate for each link?
NOTE: Please do not contact the client. Your word count can go 10% over or under the word limit. Consultations (emails, face-to-face, phone or online) for written assessments end 72 hours before the due date. The teaching team will not respond to assessment-related questions received after 23:59pm on 15 Sep 2020 (Tue).

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