Agile Business Analysis 3812ICT

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Discussion – Horizons
What are horizons? How are they useful, and what do you do with them? What
does the unique Agile planning focus mean for the Delivery horizon?
Activity – Applying the Delivery horizon elements
We’ll do this activity around a simple system – a new system that provides training
for students around a range of study techniques. You’re working on the Agile team
who will deliver this new system.
There are five elements to the Delivery horizon:
1. Ensuring that user stories are ready for implementation
As a student I want to register for the study system so that I can improve my
study technique
• Is this user story ready for implementation? If yes, keep going. If not,
revise this so that it is ready
2. Maintaining the backlog
Write another user story for this system, and place what you have so far in a
Product Backlog format
• What do you need to do to maintain the backlog?
3. Supporting successful delivery
This element deals with resolving any analysis issues that will interfere with
• What would you need to do for this project?
4. Ensuring learning happens in the Agile context
What process will you complete to meet this element?
5. Maintaining focus on the Product Vision, Customer, and Value
What will you do to ensure this element?
Activity – Agile BA Principles
Apply the third principle to your study technique training system – Analyse to
determine what is valuable.
Assessment – Sam
You are able to apply the process for the Delivery horizon to your individual work
with Sam. In groups, consider what you can and can’t apply, and how these vary
from your work as an individual developing your assessment, and what you would
do if you were part of the Sam team.

Personal Assessment Tasks
Continue working on the template. You should have all sections of your work
sketched out now, and be working on finalisation and polishing.

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